When You’re The Best At What You Do You Deserve To Work On The Best Projects!

We've made it exceedingly simple for companies to get in touch with you directly to estimate work, so there's no need for job advertising or interviews. When you are assigned a task that depends on your availability, act quickly. Construction Check  offers a seamless engagement experience because each independent freelancing expert accepted has been carefully vetted. The verification and onboarding processes in place, along with a selection of standardized estimating tools, and intelligent workflows have qualified you to perform estimating tasks.

How To Start Earning

Request to join
Complete a cognitive assessment, technical interview, and skills challenge. In some cases, a background check may be required.
Create your profile highlighting your education, estimating discipline, estimating skill areas, and project experience including your desired rate of pay.
Online Training
Complete online estimator training modules.
Receive Estimating Offers
Receive estimating task offers from businesses based on your project experience and availability.
Execute The Work
Perform and deliver your cost estimates using our suite of cost estimating tools to submit your work.
Get Paid
Once your work is approved you are set to get paid. It’s that simple.
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Built For Your Area Of Expertise

The ONLY site made just for cost-estimating experts like you is Construction Check. As a confirmed expert you will get customized project estimation offers based on your area of competence in the following sectors:

  • General, Architectural, Structural & Interiors
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Site/Civil/Landscaping

Construction Check is a tool that companies, government agencies, and independent consulting firms use to assign cost estimation projects based on your estimating discipline, area of expertise, and experience rather than publishing requests for proposals. You have access to as a recognized independent expert:

  • New clients, and estimating opportunities
  • A suite of cost-estimating tools, and
  • You do not need to search for work yourself: You do not have to bid on work. You receive project offers.

Your work will be completed more quickly and effectively with the aid of the procedures and resources provided by Construction Check. For managing opportunities, doing work, and keeping track of payments, all you need is an internet connection.

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Construction Check Vetted

Building your expertise on Construction Check can unlock exclusive opportunities, connect with businesses seeking your skills, and earn recognition for your project experience.
Cognitive Ability
Problems are given to test-takers to solve. The outcome score reflects the estimator's capacity to handle the cognitive demands of a cost estimator as well as their capacity to process complex information.
Technical Interview
The technical interview tests the cost estimators' capacity to think quickly under pressure, communicate effectively, and how well-versed they are in cost estimating in their chosen field.
Technical Skills
As the last step in the screening process, experts are given a test project. The test project gives them a chance to show off their knowledge, thoroughness, and expertise in a real-world setting.
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Construction Check Service Fee

Construction Check charges a fee based on a percentage of the value of each estimating task awarded to you during the drawing phase of a construction project. This fee structure is designed to ensure that you earn the most for your expertise in construction estimating:
Trial % for your first 5 estimating tasks completed
Reduced % for your next 6-10 estimating tasks completed
Flat % once you have completed 10+ estimating tasks on the platform

Work The Way You Want

With Construction Check you’ll be joining a growing network of talented Cost Estimators, Cost Engineers, and Quantity Surveyors, so you’ll gain exposure to new and exciting projects that would be difficult to find otherwise.    Build rewarding and solid business relationships in the Construction Check community. Construction Check is built for the way you want to work.  

Get Paid With Convenience

Keeps Track of all your Revenues
Each cost-estimating assignment is covered by a fixed-price agreement between you and the company. An invoice is automatically generated for you and sent to the firm once your estimate work has been finished and accepted. Construction Check keeps track of all of your earnings for a quick and easy approach.
Payment Options
You can choose from several payment options including direct deposit, PayPal, ACH, and more.
Construction Check Payroll Services
Currently, Construction Check does not provide payroll services. However, we do expect this service to be made available soon as we work to expand the platform with a number of 3rd party integration partners.
Cloud-Based Platform
Construction Check gives you immediate on-demand access to your independent cost estimates no matter where you are whether you have one project or many. You get complete transparency, online collaboration, and a seamless workflow that saves you time and money.
API Integration
We can increase the value of your cost estimate data with existing construction management systems with API integration.
Save Time & Money
Save time and resources hunting down estimators for your projects. Finding, and hiring the right professional cost estimators is simpler using Construction Check.

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You deserve to work on the best projects!
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