Simplifying & Standardizing Cost Estimating For The Industry

By utilizing Construction Check's advanced tools and user-friendly interface, professionals in the construction cost estimating industry can streamline their workflow, improve their accuracy, and provide exceptional value to their clients. With access to a variety of features and resources, estimating professionals can simplify their work and increase productivity, ultimately resulting in an enhanced experience for their customers.

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Construction Check aims to address issues in the construction cost estimating industry, such as a skills gap and lack of innovation, by offering a neutral and objective platform. It helps lower cost uncertainty, improve risk mitigation, and encourage responsibility, leading to better construction budget decisions and improved efficiency. It also allows independent cost estimates to be created at each stage of a construction project's pre-construction life cycle, saving time and money. The ultimate goal is to "Build Better Together."

Unifying The Ecosystem

Construction Check is the most efficient and standardized digital platform for cost estimations in the construction industry. With the use of a dynamic cloud-based platform, you can gain the following benefits:
Access the right experts
Access to cost estimating expertise by project type, location, and area of expertise.
Avoid Cost Overruns
Obtain objective, independent cost estimates that are necessary to develop baseline budgets, evaluate bids, determine feasibility, or are mandated as a second set of eyes before funding in order to prevent cost overruns.
Best Practices
Best practice client acquisition and engagement, estimating consistency, and reporting.
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Construction Check Is Tailored To Meet The Needs of Each Stakeholder Group

Architects & Engineers, Public & Private Institutions, & Government Agencies
Cost Consultants
Cost Estimators
Construction Check focuses on the built environment and offers various benefits to meet the different needs of its users. Whether it's scaling consultancy during peak performance, reducing overhead through an on-demand personnel pool, or participating in the gig economy as a cost estimating expert, Construction Check helps users achieve their objectives.
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Construction Check vs. Other Platforms

Construction Check specializes in providing construction cost estimates and offers tools and reports to ensure consistency and standardization. It distinguishes itself from general cost estimating software and freelancing platforms that simply connect businesses to freelancers, as Construction Check is not just software but a comprehensive platform.
Construction Check's platform is designed specifically for the construction cost estimating industry, with features and functionality that are tailored to the unique needs of cost estimators. This specialized approach is designed to improve accuracy, increase efficiency, and enhance decision-making capabilities.
Construction Check offers a human-centered, tech-driven approach that emphasizes transparency, collaboration, and accountability throughout the cost estimating process. By leveraging our cutting-edge technology, construction stakeholders can have full visibility into project costs at every phase of design, which enables them to make informed decisions.

Construction Check Is Human Powered

Construction Check ensures that users are working with top-tier construction cost consultants and cost estimating experts. The platform implements a rigorous vetting and verification process to guarantee that the information provided is independent, objective, and unbiased.

Tech Driven

Construction Check is shaping the future of independent construction cost estimating by allowing construction stakeholders, cost consultants, and freelance cost estimators to connect and engage through AI/ML algorithms and data sources to ensure project estimation alignment. The platform's matching parameters facilitate a strategic connection between all parties involved.

Data Security Is Our No. 1 Priority

In today's digital age, security is a top priority. Construction Check implements a multi-factor authentication process to ensure the security of its users' information. Access to the platform is only granted after a user successfully provides two or more forms of proof, ensuring the highest level of security for all users.
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