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To grow and expand your cost estimation services, take advantage of the platform's tools and services, including platform marketing.

Manage Every Step In One Place

Construction Check is a cost estimating software that aims to streamline business operations by reducing overhead costs and simplifying processes. It does this by automating repetitive tasks, reducing email clutter, and eliminating the need for manual paperwork. This tool may be useful for businesses looking to expand and improve their cost estimating processes
Project Acquisition
Automate the project intake process and do away with email silos. Requests for cost estimation services are received, reviewed, and answered within hours.
Utilize the versatility and strength of project matching to assign estimating tasks both internally and externally according to cost-estimating discipline and skill set.
Establish a single source of truth for all of your clients' cost estimate data by centralizing it safely and securely in the cloud.
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Technology will be the driving force behind your organization's ability to sustain, scale, and optimize how it offers construction cost-estimating services in the future. We created Construction Check for that reason.  Construction Check will improve the cost estimating industry overall by changing how construction owners and cost estimators interact with one other. By adopting agile methods and cutting-edge technology to give useful construction cost information rather than software, Construction Check positions professional cost consultants for the future.

Your Complete Suite of Cost-Estimating Tools

We support the life cycle of cost-estimating engagement internally, and externally.
Workflow Management
AI Powered Pricing
Takeoff Software
Estimating Software
Cloud-Based Management
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Tech Services Are Bringing Cost Estimation Into The Future

Dedicated Portals
Become a member to receive a digital identity that promotes your abilities and aids in the visibility of your company.
Benefit from platform marketing created to bring new revenue opportunities to your company.
Business Opportunities
By using intelligent project matching, cost estimation opportunities tailored to your company's profile are paired with your company.
Data & Analytics
Improve productivity by employing dashboards that display all of your company's cost estimates from project intake through its completion.

Link Up With Customers To Sell Your Services

Construction Check can make all the difference.
A B2B cost estimating platform with a vertical focus, Construction Check connects independent boutique construction cost consultants with Architects & Engineers, Public & Private Institutions, Government Agencies, and other construction stakeholders to match your organizations skills with cost-estimating opportunities.
By receiving project offers or direct invitations to deliver your professional services from the best consumers of cost-estimating services, you can expand your market and increase your revenue.


As part of our commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards, we require all new cost consulting firms to go through a validation process before joining our community. This process involves a  review of your company's credentials, experience, and qualifications.
Vetted Consultants
Construction Check vets consulting firms and cost estimating experts through an extensive testing and onboarding process, including project checks, reference checks, and sometimes background checks, in order to provide confidence to buyers and promote ethical, educated, certified professionals who advocate for industry standards.
Highly Skilled
Construction Check connects buyers of cost estimating services to highly skilled cost estimating consultants through  advanced algorithms. We ensure that all our consultants have the necessary qualifications to provide independent, and objective cost estimates so you can be confident that you're working with the best cost estimating consultants in the industry.
One Stop Shop
Construction Check is the ultimate one-stop-shop for cost estimating consultants. Our platform offers a suite of powerful tools and services that streamline and enhance every aspect of your business. We provide everything you need to grow your business, expand your client base, and increase your revenue. With Construction Check, you can focus on what you do best while we take care of the rest.
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Validated Consulting Estimating Firm Badge  

Construction Check warmly welcomes consulting firms to join our platform, but it's those who embark on our Know Your Business (KYB) journey that truly stand out. By completing the KYB process, firms earn the prestigious Verified Provider badge, a powerful symbol of trust and credibility in the industry. With this badge in hand, firms gain access to a multitude of benefits. They can expand their marketing reach, tapping into new customer bases and showcasing their expertise to a broader audience of decision-makers. Moreover, the Verified Provider badge serves as a hallmark of professionalism, assuring clients that they are working with a reputable and trustworthy cost estimating firm.

At Construction Check, we're not just about setting standards; we're about recognizing excellence and providing tangible opportunities for growth. Join us today and unlock the full potential of your consulting business

We're Dedicated To Making Genuine Change

Construction Check aims to improve the professional standards in the construction cost-estimating industry by requiring that consulting firms meet certain standards and best practices to participate in the platform. Independent consulting companies may face challenges in meeting these standards, but the platform aims to raise the overall level of professionalism in the industry, providing greater visibility, credibility, and reliability for construction owners.
Cloud-Based Platform
Construction Check gives you immediate on-demand access to your independent cost estimates no matter where you are whether you have one project or many. You get complete transparency, online collaboration, and a seamless workflow that saves you time and money.
API Integration
We can increase the value of your cost estimate data with existing construction management systems with API integration.
Save Time & Money
Save time and resources hunting down estimators for your projects. Finding, and hiring the right professional cost estimators is simpler using Construction Check.

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You deserve to work with the best clients, technology platform, and cost estimating experts.
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