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Construction Check provides a tech-services platform that streamlines the process of requesting and obtaining a construction cost estimate, eliminating traditional pain points. Our unique solution offers an efficient and reliable way for construction owners to get cost estimates from validated professionals, differentiated by our focus on professional standards, best practices, and technology.
Limitless Expertise
Leverage expert personnel when needed to maintain a lean workforce and build resilience within your firm to successfully combat labor shortages and capacity surges.
Intelligent Process
Intelligent processes handle the data collecting logistics, resulting in a straightforward, long-lasting solution for your organization. You regain control thanks to Construction Check, which gets rid of the usual pain points.
To help your organization gather and manage data pertinent to all building cost estimates, we've centralized online collaboration and complete transparency in one spot.

Use Construction Check To Your Organization's Advantage

Engage and obtain cost estimation services from independent specialists and diverse professional cost consultants who have been thoroughly vetted. Finding the best skilled estimators with the proper knowledge to estimate your project might take time and money, but Construction Check can help.

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If you’ve got a construction project, you need Construction Check!
To make it simpler to obtain objective, trustworthy, and independent cost estimates, Construction Check automates the entire procedure and removes complexity from beginning to end.
Access independent consulting firms and experienced freelance cost estimators to make sure you have the evidence-based data you need for all of your construction projects to determine feasibility, vet your bids, and reduce cost overruns.

Vetted & Highly Skilled Professional Cost Estimators

Top-performing consulting firms and highly talented freelance experts are ready to put their experience to work for you.
Expert Vetting
Construction Check is dedicated to offering organizations the greatest caliber of professionalism and quality. We take the time to carefully vet each consulting company and independent expert in our community because of this. Project checks, reference checks, and in some circumstances even background checks are all part of our thorough testing and onboarding procedure.
Expert Matching
Construction Checks employs advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to match your organization's construction estimating projects with top-notch independent consultants and freelance experts. This expert matching process ensures that you receive the highest quality consulting services available.
Expert Tools
All consultants and independent professionals have access to our collection of cost estimating software tools, which enable them to produce cost estimates more quickly and effectively. More importantly, the same reporting style is used for all cost estimates that are created. This ensures that reports are consistent..

Connect On Our Platform

If the cost consultant(s) you already work with are Construction Check approved, connect with them or extend an invitation for them to join your project. On Construction Check, you may connect with new consultants and freelance experts. Maintain a central location to keep track of all your consultants, freelance experts, and cost estimates.

Intelligent Project Matching

Get an AI/ML-curated list of independent consultants or freelance experts specifically suited to your construction project or task.
Instantaneously match your project's needs with the estimating disciplines and skill sets that are appropriate.
Apply filters that sharpen the emphasis to improve your match outcomes and competitiveness for the job over what you could find elsewhere.
AI/ML-driven algorithms combined with user preferences and needs create an efficient search and match process.
Cloud-Based Platform
No matter where you are, whether you have one project or several, Construction Check gives you instant access to your independent cost estimates. You benefit from total transparency, virtual teamwork, and a smooth workflow that saves you time and money.
API Integration
By integrating existing construction management systems with APIs, we can boost the value of your cost estimate data.
Save Time & Money
Construction cost estimation hasn't been standardized up until now, but with Construction Check, you can manage all of your cost estimates efficiently and effectively.

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