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Construction Check connects construction cost-estimating services with market demand efficiently and cost-effectively through its platform. It optimizes talent, reduces costs, and controls capacity surges in the cost-estimating sector, allowing cost-estimating experts to benefit from the digital economy without investing in technology. The platform has made investments in the future of the internet and only requires expertise in construction cost estimating.
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Why Joining Construction Check Matters

Construction Check empowers construction cost experts to shape tech-enabled cost-estimating services through increased visibility. It makes the cost-estimating industry more accessible to construction stakeholders and allows experts to offer their services to a wider audience, raising professional standards and credibility in the industry.
Quickly meet service expectations for digital experiences
Increase revenue opportunities
Reap the benefits of platform marketing
Cut operational costs
Expand geographic reach without opening new offices
Open new vertical markets
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We Understand Professional Cost Estimating Services

We're committed to using the latest tools and techniques to enable collaboration between experienced and new stakeholders in the construction industry, facilitated by our intuitive interface and user-friendly tools.
Our team of experts includes experienced construction professionals who are well-versed in cost estimating methodologies and techniques.
Our mission is to empower the independent professional cost estimating industry to streamline their workflows, enhance accuracy, and deliver exceptional value to their clients.
With a focus on both technology and construction cost estimating, Construction Check is uniquely positioned to provide all stakeholders in the ecosystem with unparalleled value.

Make a Difference

By becoming a part of the ecosystem, you have the opportunity to shape the future of independent construction cost estimating and support the adoption of industry standards.
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