Construction Check Service Fee

Construction Check has a straightforward fee structure, where cost estimating experts are paid per completed task, which may involve multiple estimation phases covering every stage of construction. The fee is established through an electronic fixed-price level of effort contract between the business and the expert. After successfully completing ten cost estimating projects on the platform, the initial service fee percentage reduces to a flat percentage.

  • An initial service fee percentage is charged to your first 5 estimating tasks completed
  • The service fee percentage is reduced on your next 6-10 estimating tasks completed
  • Finally a flat service fee percentage is charged once you've completed 10+ estimating tasks on the platform

Calculated Earnings

The offer for a fixed-price project will depend on your billing rate listed in your account profile. The business determines the number of hours needed to complete an estimating task. There may be multiple phases included in the project offer. Your specific rate is multiplied by the number of hours for each estimating task. You are given the option to review, accept, or decline the project offer.

Note: Projects with multiple cost estimating task will require you to consent to the estimation of each phase of the project.