Build Better Together With Construction Check

Construction Check is a platform aimed at simplifying the process of obtaining construction cost estimates. It facilitates collaboration between various stakeholders and automates the cost estimating process to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Unlimited number of funnels
Complete address capability

Access Top Performers

Construction Check is a platform that connects construction stakeholders  with cost estimating experts in the construction industry, such as cost consultants, independent cost estimators, and quantity surveyors. Stakeholders who participate in the ecosystem get access to highly skilled and vetted experts in the cost estimating industry.

Construction Check uses an adaptive control approach to manage capacity in oder to maintain the availability of top-notch professionals.

Trusted Vetting

Construction Check has a stringent selection process to ensure only the best professionals in the construction cost industry are part of its community. Only those with proven education, skills, and experience are invited to join. The community comprises dedicated professionals who are committed to advancing the platform and maintaining high standards in their field.

Joining Construction Check's community gives users the assurance that they are connecting with experienced and qualified professionals in the construction cost estimating industry.

Sustainable Excellence

Construction Check focuses on providing technology for professional cost experts to deliver value in the construction industry. Our aim is to create an ecosystem of cost consultants on a centralized cloud-based platform to produce accurate and high-quality cost estimates for stakeholders.

Construction Check utilizes data and Artificial Intelligence/Machine-Learning to enhance the service and improve the value of independently produced cost estimates. Construction projects are unique, and therefore, the platform integrates a human-powered, tech-driven approach to estimating.

The goal of Construction Check is to ensure the sustainability and persistence of the professional construction cost estimating industry.

Increased Stability & Security

Adopting Construction Check is a powerful best practice security approach to a highly fragmented non-regulated industry.  On behalf of all our community members, we employ a holistic, strategic approach to security that ensures that everyone and every device granted access is who and what they say they are to establish a zero-trust environment increasing the platforms overall security and stability.